Does not have the fund not to be fearful, does not have the market not to be fearful, has not talented person troop is most fearful!
¡¤Efficient team members£º
        With open, and equal view participate company's communication
        Has the cultural tolerance and the affinity
        Coordination, cooperation, participation in team construction with the host spirit
¡¤Able to solve problems£º
        Can solve the question belongs to yourself as it appears
        Can fast study and apply the new specialized knowledge and the service skill
        Proposes the innovation solution, the competition strategy unceasingly
¡¤Good executor£º
        Take the motion as the guidance
        Adopts the motion fast and response competitor, the customer, the market change
        Keeps high efficiency, pays attention to the work result as necessary, like cost, benefit and so on
¡¤Reform driver£º
        Transform idea to adapt and impel the corporate culture, the developmental strategy, the organization construction, the service flow reform positively, to be the reformer when it is necessary.
¡¤Regard customer as the most important£º
        Take customer benefit as first choice
        Pays attention to all details which customer cares