2007 is a very important year for Delicate company to take a new step and get a good achievement, we will get over every difficulties.
    In the past year, our men have initially formed develop phase of good quality, good brand, good reputation and professional technique on the base of innovation of knowledge, management, system and technique; on the base of developing technique and market, increasing investment and keeping good reputation. This year we came over a lot of adverse difficulties, finally get a great profit. Our sales and manufacture both increase dramatically. This year, we are forming a stratagem that ¡°to be bigger, to develop with great stride¡±, carrying out our braking hub plan in order, putting new project, new production into production gradually. All that above will bring a new developing point to us.
    At this moment, I want to thanks our leader who pay great attention to our company, all the friend who always support us, all the customers and suppliers who has the same destiny with us!
    In 2007, our company carries out plans widely, continues to adjust the structure, the production takes in order, the reform faces great challenge and chance ,our career getting better. We will base on own subjective endeavor, on the transformation of growth way, on populace's wisdom and the strength, emphasize on reform and development. we will pay attention to improve management quality, speed up the competitive ability, try to realize the a fine profit and quick development.
   DMM's development strategy is to set up a enterprise which is developing, internationalizing, opening independent With the science development view, we will continue to provide high quality low price, save power, protect environment product and best service for the users. We will contribute for the Chinese mechanical industry development.
    Future will be a grand full of opportunity and challenge, DMM person's spirit will be invariable. In the future, DMM person will work more diligently to creat a more bright future.
    We sincerely invite outstanding figures to join our company! Heartfelt hope Chinese and foreign new and old friends cooperate with us! Zealously welcome your visit and seek the development together!